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At Fawn Montanye Consultancy, the success of your business is my only business. I believe that every successful person needs a confidential, competent and trustworthy support working in the background to ensure that what must be accomplished is completed efficiently, effectively and on time.

Do what you love and do it well. For all other matters, delegate! I’m a background person; I deal with details and make other people look flawless, lending to an appearance they’ve done it all themselves. The foundation of my career as an executive assistant, supporting leaders ranging from mission-driven, successful non-profits to Fortune 500, C-Level Suites, has been built upon meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring quality operations of the offices I serve.  I look forward to giving your business the attention it deserves. - Fawn

Fawn established Fawn Montanye Consultancy in June 2018. She wanted an opportunity to combine all of her administrative skills to assist clients in streamlining their business operations and creating successful, professional brands.


With an early career in non-profit, mission-driven settings, Fawn developed proficiency in a wide range of executive office tasks. Among her skills, she maintained social media and event calendars and website content; created public relations and media announcements; created and maintained database systems; reviewed and negotiated contracts, prepared for internal and external meetings; served as liaison between community organizations, advisory committees, and regulatory boards to create and build relationships;, and coordinated special events, among many other tasks. In 2011, she accepted an administrative position with a biopharmaceutical company, serving their executive suite. Over the next 5 years, she received three promotions and honed her skills.

Today she offers clients her trademark expertise - connection, communication and consistency. She is a meticulously organized, dedicated behind-the-scenes efficiency manager, whose goal is to ensure there is an efficient, and effective operational system working seamlessly, so that clients can focus on their business and most importantly, their revenue.

Fawn is a natural connector. She enjoys networking, meeting new people, creating relationships and seeing everyone succeed. Her goal is to create a community of collaboration where everyone is able to achieve their goals. She is a passionate, service and career-driven person, who volunteers her time to causes she is committed to, which include peer-based addiction recovery, and pediatric illness initiatives.


She is trustee of the Wells Historical Society and member of Moxxi Women's Foundation. Fawn and her children, Jacob and Gia, recently purchased a first home in Wells, Vermont.   

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Wells, Vermont

Tel: 518.466.4466

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